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we aren't afraid of the dark..
because darkness is just the forgotten parts of ourselves that need to remember their light.
inspired by the Hindu goddess Kali,
who graced the founder with the name,  Kala कला,
representing power, time, transformation, and rebirth

we bring you the best of both worlds in science and spirituality via

break-through medical research in Functional Medicine
& hidden ancient wisdoms
as we tap into the
fiery and transformative energy of Kali
to completely heal from within.
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Meet Kala: Founder & CEO of the Kali Clinic

In the spring of 2017, after months of suffering from insomnia, depressive episodes, brain fog, anxiety, and suicide ideation, Kala was diagnosed with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD).

Harnessing her love of learning, Kala began studying PMDD. She learned how to manage her "hell week" and found ways to lessen the symptoms of her PMDD.

Beyond researching PMDD for personal benefit, Kala felt a strong desire to help improve the livelihoods of others who also struggled with premenstrual and menstrual disorders...

Tapping into the social entrepreneurial skills developed in her undergraduate degree at Flagler College,

Kala created "period" where she empowered, educated, and shared her story of PMDD.

She couldn't accept that hardly anyone knew about PMDD in the medical community or the menstrual health space.

And so, she was set out to change the world,

one period at a time.


"period" created optimism for Kala as she continued in her healing journey,

knowing that she could help others through her own experience and education. 

In the beginning of her healing journey, Kala often felt isolated, and quite helpless about her PMDD.

But her loving spirit and curiosity of learning more brought her out of the darkness, and into the light.


She learned that although there wasn't one magic pill that can make PMDD go away for good,

we also don't have to consider PMDD as a life sentence, either.


That somewhere, there were answers, and there were actual ways to help treat PMDD. 

One of the resources that helped instill hope and and inspired her future

would be found in Functional Medicine

(also known as root-cause medicine or Integrative Medicine).

By better understanding the beauty and intelligence of her own body, she was able to have more compassion for a body that she once felt betrayed by. 

And for once, there was the possibility of a cure that might work for her, and heaps of new research just waiting to be connected, to better understand how ancient wisdom met modern science... 

Kala began to work with the International Association for Premenstrual Disorders (IAPMD) as a Patient Insight Panelist, and this brought awareness to past traumas and thus, her subconscious longing for healing these parts of herself.

Leaning into her suffering with a loving inquiry, Nat started to create an entirely new relationship with her mind, body and spirit. 


When Kala felt a subtle pull to visit the island of Bali in 2021, she decided to take out her IUD (intrauterine device) shortly after arriving, and felt called to  endure a complete transformation on the inside and out with the supportive energy of the island.


For the next 4 months,

Kala experienced various types of therapies in the form of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Himalayan Kriya Yoga, Applied Kinesiology, EFT Tapping, and Sound Healing, to name a few. 


She had to surrender to her fears surrounding her menstrual health. And through that surrender, she was able to start the journey in working with her body to heal from PMDD. 

After Kala's experience in Bali, she came to realize that her suffering had a purpose,
and that purpose was to help others in their health journey. 

When Kala left Bali to go back into the Western world, she didn't know what massive journey lied ahead of her, but she did know it was time to wake up... to make the life she deserved to live in.

In this time, Kala solo travelled all across the US, lived in Mauritius, and also had a European tour that brought her outside of the continent- from India to Dubai, all the way back to her
familial roots in Cuba.

When Kala's European tour began, nearly every country she visited would have a healer that she quickly became connected to... 

Like drinking from a fire house, these healers would not only share ancient wisdoms that rocked her world, but also introduced modern healing modalities that made her
whole world turn upside down-
for the better, of course! ;)

So, as fate would have it, an inner transformation took place as she absorbed these new wisdoms and healing modalities...


During these travels, Kala also received a formal education that would change her life forever. Switching through various time zones for the duration of her online MBA program, Kala graduated from the Maharishi International University- which specializes in Consciousness-Based Education- in December 2022 with an MBA in Sustainable Business.


In addition to receiving her Masters degree, Kala studied at the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy for a year, learning from some of the best medical doctors in the world about Functional Medicine through the academy's partnership with the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). Kala became a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach in March 2023 and a UKIHCA Approved Health Coach in June 2023, meeting the highest professional standards of health coaches within the UK and abroad.

Through her advocacy work with "period" in the menstrual health space, Kala was selected out of 2,500 applicants to be one of 10 Novartis Reimagining Healthcare Scholars to attend a global young leader's conference- One Young World- and she was inspired by the incredible work carried out by her peers. 

 At this point in her life, Kala decided to stay put for a while, and lived in San Francisco, California for the next 8 months. In these 8 months, massive shifts took place in her life as she completed levels 1, 2, and 3 in Yoga Teacher Trainings for Himalayan Kriya Yoga. 

When visiting India, Kala uncovered a special connection to this form of energy yoga, but it wasn't until her routine practice of kriya that she noticed her quality of life dramatically improve. 

After 6 months of intensive Himalayan Kriya Yoga trainings and detoxing on the cellular level, Kala broke from the confinements of disease, and her spiritual talents and abilities opened up.

After 7 years of immense pain and suffering, Kala finally healed herself not just from PMDD, but also of endometriosis, mold toxicity, and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.

When this happened, she also started having the ability to channel one's spirit guides, the Akashic Records, and read energy in ways that can be used to diagnose and heal the body, mind, and spirit.

What was once a platform to share a story of disease, domestic violence, and pain,

shifted into a fairytale where a princess finally found her rest, her purpose, and her power... infusing every drop of this transformative and healing nectar

into the Kali Clinic. 

Kala is living proof that YOU CAN HEAL from your biggest pains, and from your most difficult ailments... but it all starts with the desire to push the envelope, to shake off the medical gaslighting endured, tapping into our well of resilience, and asking the important questions...


 because there are answers out there- it's just a matter of time

before they're revealed to you...


and those answers, those questions you hold close to your heart, will always contain within them the most pure, magical, and important wisdoms you'll ever need to know on this journey back to Oneness. 


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