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the 7 day detox for better balance & wellbeing

If you’re ready to use food as potent medicine to

transform your menstrual cycle,

then this guide is for you!


Going Within is a 7-day detoxification guide filled with recipes, journal prompts, and exercises to heal your relationship with food, and improve your overall health. This guide is perfect if you’re on an anti-histamine diet, have PMDD or Endometriosis, or any other condition where you are sensitive to estrogen or have multiple food allergies/sensitivities.

Created in collaboration with Elisa Rusconi, we offer this guide so you can feel lighter, more energetic, and balanced. This guide is great for all ages, as it is supportive of those going through menopause too!


Going Within is grain-free, meat-free, dairy-free, anti-inflammatory, and contains foods that promote healthy and sustainable detoxification.

Healthy Meal
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