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Handcrafted with you in mind, the Kali Clinic offers incredible 1:1 coaching programs that integrate both Functional Medicine Health Coaching & Energy Healing in these specialized courses for those struggling with PMDD, Endometriosis, and/or transitioning off of birth control.

"The personal journey of struggling with PMDD, Endometriosis, and going off birth control ultimately brought me to levels of health and wellness I didn't know were possible... and eventually, led to healing myself of these medical conditions and experiences.

In creating these transformative programs, my hope is that you find your own oasis within.

That you have the support you've been longing for,

which will accelerate your health journey, and increase your quality of life.

My knowledge on these subjects are not only intellectual and experiential, but also come with a level of instilled bravery and resilience.... 


so that even as we come face-to-face with the darkest parts of you,

I can be the structure and safety you need to go deep within,

and come out shining brighter than ever before."

Available coaching programs
program available

Shift your mindset, get out of the vicious cycle of your menstrual cycle and renew your mental health with our flagship program.


Learn how to thrive with your period, and release the pain you've been stuck with, for good.


Nervous about going off of the pill and how your body will react? Get the support you need in this transformative time of your life...

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