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 be seen. be heard. 

  come home to a new family of PMDD survivors. 

  come back home to your most authentic Self. 

 PMDD has taken away the lives of

thousands of women globally. 

You have survived,

but now you want to live.

There are so many aspects of PMDD that the

medical community does not recognize,

but we recognize you, and the struggles of having PMDD.

🌟The PMDD Program is for the seekers.🌟 

❤️‍🔥 The ones who have tried the conventional methods,

and want to push the boundaries to

better their overall level of wellness. ❤️‍🔥

❤️‍🔥 The ones who are tired of hearing the same generic solutions. ❤️‍🔥

❤️‍🔥 The ones who are ready to heal from the root,

instead of masking their pain temporarily. ❤️‍🔥


If this sounds like you, keep reading.


In this 8-week program,


you will not only learn how to better manage your PMDD ,

but learn the meaning behind PMDD ✅,

and how you can improve your overall health 📈

by attuning to Functional Medicine

(root-cause medicine) practices of

modifiable lifestyle changes 

and working with your energetic body as you

learn how certain stuck emotions 

have created disease in your body. 








The zoom sessions will be integrative, combining:



 🧡 Functional Medicine Health Coaching

 🧡 Himalayan Kriya Yog(energy yoga : learn more here)

   🧡 Positive Psychology

 🧡 Modifiable Lifestyle Factors

in the form of personalized:


💫 live group coaching 

💫 educational lectures 

💫 yoga practice 

💫 guided meditations 

💫 personalized luteal phase roadmap


❤️‍🔥 This program is filled with the potency

to change your life forever. ❤️‍🔥



You're ready to have the best year

of your freaking life.

You're ready to experience life in a

lighter, brighter, and more expansive way.

You're ready to let go of past traumas and wounds.

You're ready to manage your PMDD that's aligned with your intuition.

PMDD does not have to be your life sentence. 

It is a means for you to

transform darkness into light,

and extract the wisdom to move on from your suffering.

This is the most supportive, holistic, and integrative program

available to those with PMDD.

So what are you waiting for?




Himalayan Kriya Yoga is an energy yoga that utilizes yoga asanas, mudras, mantras, breath work, and dynamic meditation, working directly on the meridian lines to improve our brain function, and clear stuck energy in the body.


 This is a sacred science of alignment for purification at all levels to attain blissful union within through balance of the physical, mental, emotional and casual bodies. It de-carbonizes the human blood through life current to rejuvenate the body and lessen or prevent the decay of tissues.

The beauty of these practices is they are accessible to everyone who has a keen desire to do what it takes to rise above their drama struggles and change their life for the better, regardless of physical condition, age, religion or cultural background.

Under the Guidance of Maha Avatar Baba-ji and channeled thru the disciples of Maha Shiva Yogi Dr. Pradeep Ullal, this practice is brought out of the caves and into the world at this very important time in human history.



1. Himalayan Kriya Yoga Techniques you can practice on yourself to stop the luteal phase depressive spirals

2. Educational content on Functional Medicine understandings of Premenstrual Disorders & specific modifiable lifestyle factors to ease symptoms

3. A personalized luteal phase roadmap for sustainable behavior change 

4. Himalayan Kriya Yoga Techniques you can practice on yourself to regulate your nervous system

5. Live Functional Medicine Health Coaching

from Nat

6. A life-time community of PMDD survivors & sisters

7. Whatsapp Group access for peer-to-peer support 



The 7-day detox guide is filled with warming,

luteal phase-supporting recipes that are

anti-histamine, low-mold, and easily modifiable

for vegans/vegetarians. 

This guide features foods and recipes that support a gentle, nourishing detoxification, suitable for those with Nervous System Dysregulation, PMDD, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, and Histamine Intolerance.


Natalia "Nat" Fernandez, MBA, FMCHC



I'm Nat, and I'm thrilled to have you here. 

I was diagnosed with PMDD six years ago,

and three years ago, I decided to transform adversity into opportunity by founding "period".


My PMDD brought me on an intense health journey, as well as spiritual journey, because I was desperate, just like you, to find answers, and find real solutions to my suffering.

After going the conventional route with no significant improvements in my PMDD, I turned to Functional Medicine. Raising awareness of PMDD with "period" brought me into such a negative headspace due to the lack of resources, that it was only after harnessing the positive power of Functional Medicine (root-cause medicine) that I started to find real answers that validated my pain.


I was exposed to Functional Medicine growing up with a father being double-board certified in Family Medicine and Functional Medicine, and an OB/GYN M.D. specializing in fertility. 


Since discovering the power of root-cause medicine and its profound integration of mental, emotional and spiritual health, I became a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, a UKIHCA-Approved Health Coach, and also received my MBA in Sustainable Business at the Maharishi International University, where I was trained in Transcendental Meditation, and was exposed to the ancient wisdoms of India.

As the "Eat, Pray, Love" part of my life, I travelled the world looking for answers that connected the dots of premenstrual and menstrual disorders. Every country I visited connected me to medical professionals, healers, and special healing places that brought incredible life-transforming information and experiences. These experiences helped me better understand my illness, and significant wounds from my past. I learned about various sacred sciences alongside the modern science that made these two worlds come together for ultimate healing and knowing of premenstrual and menstrual disorders.


And now, I'm honored to be here. To be in this space, sharing the PMDD Program with people like you, that are ready to say goodbye to the old stories keeping us stuck in suffering, and meeting our most authentic versions of ourselves as we heal together from PMDD.


Outdoor Portrait

"Working with Natalia was a pleasure. She has a special way of combining compassion and caring with humor that helped me formulate ways of working through some challenging times.

I always looked forward to seeing Natalia’s welcoming smile and enjoyed our conversations very much."

"Her personality, warmth & enthusiasm is so infectious, it makes your look forward to your sessions. Making you a better, more motivated client. "

Image by Jonathan Borba




Who is this program for?


This program is best suited for someone who suspects, or has been diagnosed with, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. 


What's the time commitment for this program?


As the zoom sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes each week, you will also be given homework in between sessions, so plan to commit approximately 2 hours every week to this program for best results!


Do I need to have an official diagnosis of PMDD before doing this program? 


Absolutely not! Unfortunately, medical gaslighting is real, and wait times as well as costs of seeing a provider makes getting an official medical diagnosis difficult. However, this program is not a means to substitute professional medical diagnosis, advice, or treatment.

What platform will this program be hosted on?


All of the live sessions will be hosted on Zoom, and will be recorded. You will be sent the zoom links and recordings via email.

When do I get access to the WhatsApp group?

 The WhatsApp Peer-Support Group will open on December 31, 2023.

What day and times will the live sessions be held? 


Since we're an international group of PMDD sisters all over the world, you will be receiving an email with a poll link that can help us to best align with the right time zones and days of the week, to accommodate everyone. 


What if I can't make it to a live session?


Life happens, and that's okay! This is why all sessions are recorded and sent to participants thereafter.

However, we do strongly recommend that you participate live as much as possible for your own benefit.

We're here to show up exactly as we are.

If you're having a bad luteal phase, we're here to hold a safe, compassionate, and understanding space for you. 



Is there a money-back guarantee?

We offer a 14-day money back guarantee.

For whatever reason, if you're not resonating with the content of the program, we offer a full refund in the first 14 days.


How long will I have access to this program?

You will have access to session recordings for one year.

still unsure?

book a complimentary call with Nat today

& get all of your pressing questions answered.

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