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*limited-time offer*

personalized period consultations

something incredible is in the works for female health,

and we need your help... 

so that we can help millions of females around the world.

We're conducting Personalized Period Consultations as our prototype testing for an upcoming technology.



This is to show future investors that there is a massive market of females that

want & need what we're creating,

and that it resonates with people like you! 



Interested in participating?

*** limited-time offer: available until June 30, 2024***


the process

3 easy steps

 1. Questionnaire


Get instant access to our 34-question health history & well check questionnaire, including:


- multiple choice

- fill in the blanks

- short answer

- rapid fire

approx. completion time: 15-20 mins


2. 30-min Period Consultation w/ Kala


Receive & review your very own health history timeline + personal dashboard walk through that hosts awe-inspiring & transformative resources. 


via online video/audio conference call (Google Meet)

3. Resources & Feedback


Gain online access to 4 audio resources based in your mind state, immune system, hormone system, and nervous system. Plus a reflection space for personal takeaways.


Sound good?




*** limited-time offer: available until June 30, 2024***

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