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transforming adversity into opportunity

 The founder and CEO of the Kali Clinic, Kala

is an award-winning public speaker who specializes in holistic wellness and educational menstrual health content.  Creating more awareness around differences in female health, Kala provides guidance, optimism and hope for persons who want to make a change, and create a joyful life.

Tired of hearing the same general points about wellness? Ready to ignite and energize your audience with authentic, passionate story telling?


Having experienced the world as a solo-female traveller since the age of 17 with natural leadership skills & an entrepreneurial mindset, Kala inspires others with her story of overcoming debilitating medical conditions and reclaiming her power back, as we radiates positivity and strength.


Kala is an alumna of the Osceola County School for Arts where she majored in Drama, and has since, always incorporated art into her business ventures. She is a fierce advocate for those that have been detrimentally impacted by their menstrual health, and looks forward to connecting with others in their journey, as she helps heal the world,

one period at a time.

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